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I've always had a passion for Social Media

From creating and launching's Social Media properties in 2008

to turning around the Social Media presence of an108-year old Catholic non-profit,

there's no Social Media challenge I can't conquer.

In June 2018, I was awarded the

first ever Social Media Director of the Year Award

from the Catholic Press Association for making a significant impact on the

Social Media accounts of above mentioned Catholic non-profit by implementing 

innovative and results-driven Social Media strategies.    

Let's chat about one of my favorite things - Social Media!

Check out a few of my favorite Social Media campaigns that I've executed below

For Pete's Sake NYC Happy Hour Fundraising Event Campaign 

For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation was looking for help with their Event Marketing and Advertising Strategy for their New York City Fundraising Happy Hour. 


I developed a customized ad strategy targeting the right, engaged audience across Social Media for For Pete's Sake - helping drive attendance and additional fundraising for the March event in New York City.  

NYC Happy

Hour Results

  • Raised over $52,000 for For Pete's Sake Mission

  • Over 340 Guests Attended​ - 40 of which came from Social Media advertising

  • Reached over 53,630 People

  • Received over:

    • 3,090 Clicks

    • 3,700 Reactions



As a Wife to an Army Veteran, any day where we take the time to honor those who are currently protecting our Freedom as well as those who've made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our Freedom, is something I'm more than happy to do.  


There is a story of Chaplain Fr. Vincent Capodanno who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam War while administering last rites to a Marine during combat.  His story and legacy are so inspirational, that the Digital and Social campaigns tied to him for both Memorial Day and the 50th Anniversary of his death were not only high-performing, but resonated with all audiences who came in contact with his selfless story.  




Chaplain Fr. Vincent Capodanno Digital and Social Media Campaigns

  • Reached over 18,400 People

  • Received over:

    • 12,000 Video Views 

    • 1,215 Reactions




Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 10.45.28
Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 10.28.01

Conceptualized a weekly video reflection series with Fr. Daniel Kim, M.M. focused on Lent. Campaign included polling

fans/followers what they're giving up for Lent as well as answering their "Lenten" questions. 

This Video series was one of the highest-performing campaigns on Social Media for Maryknoll. Fr. Daniel's weekly reflections not only generated significant video views, engagement, and shares from our audiences but it also presented a unique and fresh-faced perspective from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers.  


Weekly Lenten Video Reflections - Social Series

2017 "Year in Review" Social Media Campaign

Developed a successful, four-part "2017 Year in Review" Video campaign for annual year-end appeal for additional fundraising and donations.  


One of the videos in this series performed exceptionally well on Facebook, reaching over 108,115 people, receiving over 28,850 Video Views, and over 180 clicks



  • Reached over 108,110 People

  • Received over:

    • 28,850 Video Views

    • 180 Clicks

Arrupe College & Come to Believe Social Media Campaign

I had the opportunity to interview and film a few short videos of Fr. Steve Katsouros, Founder and Dean of Arrupe College of Loyola University in Chicago, to talk about this new Jesuit College as well as his new book, Come to Believe, about said college.    


The video performed exceptionally well on Facebook, achieving over 11,650 Video Views, over 1,500 clicks, and reaching over 32,800 people organically


These results on just one Social platform.  Imagine the results if money had been placed behind this Video post? 

  • Reached over 32,800 People

  • Received over:

    • 11,650 Video Views

    • 1,500 Clicks



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